Buying & Selling your DOT 

Important things you need to know before you get started:

  • Custodian Wallet

    To assist RGI Titanium members, Resimax Group has provided a ‘Custodian Wallet’ to hold each RGI Titanium member's DOT(s). This makes it easy to own and administer your DOTs without the need of setting up your own Digital Crypto Wallet.

  • Digital Crypto Wallet

    However to sell (or buy) a Resimax Group Titanium DOT, the DOT must be transferred out of the Custodian Wallet into a private Digital Crypto Wallet. 

  • When can I sell my DOT?

    You can only list a DOT for sale once it has been transferred to your private Digital Crytpo Wallet

  • What if I don't have private Digital Crypto Wallet? 

    If you do not have a private Digital Crypto Wallet, you must setup one up before you start the process of selling (or buying) a Resimax Group Titanium DOT.

  • After the transfer

    Once you transfer your DOT into a private Digital Crypto Wallet (or purchase a DOT into your personal Digital Crypto Wallet), you will not be able to transfer it back into the 'Custodian Wallet.

  • Step 1

    Create an account on Resimax Marketplace (if you haven’t already)

  • Step 2

    Create your digital wallet e.g. on Metamask ( if you don’t already have a Digital Crypto Wallet

  • Step 3

    Connect your wallet to the Resimax Group Marketplace

  • Step 4

    Request to transfer Resimax Group DOT to your wallet

  • Step 5

    List your DOT for sale on Marketplace and set amount

  • Step 6

    Approve Collection for Listing AND approve listing

Detailed Instructions

Below are links to documents you can refer to for buying and selling your DOTs. 

Video instructions

Below are the video instructions for buying or selling your RGI Titanium DOT on the Resimax Group Marketplace.

Please note, the training videos were recorded on the Resimax Group Marketplace TEST site, and executed using ‘Matic’ as the currency. The Resimax Group Marketplace LIVE site will use ‘USDT’ as the currency.

Request Transfer of DOT to Metamask Digital Crypto wallet (or any other Digital wallet)

If using Metamask, here is a link for your convenience –

Listing your DOT for Sale

Purchasing a DOT