Our Property Power, Your future Wealth

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Unlocking the power of Australian property 

For over 10 years, our seminars, property tours and showcases have become renowned across Southeast Asia. During that time our highly-experienced property experts and partners have successfully helped countless investors on their own property journey.

Melbourne Property Buyers' Tour (MPBT)

Live real estate event! Learn about some of best properties & areas with the highest growth potential in Melbourne. Join fellow investors on a hosted tour with updates on the Australian economy, property market, plus expert commentary of high growth areas of Melbourne.

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Are you investment ready?

Our mission is simple: empower people with the right products and information to take decisive action to secure their financial future. We work closely with our expert partners to actively inform and support our clients through every aspect of property investment. And our RGI Rewards Program enables people to accelerate their property investment plans.

Our Advantage

Affording amazing opportunities to overseas clients, our relationship with Resimax Group enable us to offer end-to-end solutions including bespoke investment product, and access to finance & property management experts. While our exclusive Triple 5-10-20 Year Guarantee maximises rental return & capital growth.

What is the 5/10/20 Triple guarantee? 

The 5/10/20 triple guarantee is an advantage offered exclusively by Resimax Group, especially the 10-year rental guarantee. This means, as a property investor, you will never need to worry about tenant vacancy.

Exclusive Rewards Program

Created to help our clients reach their financial goals, the market-leading RGI Rewards Program offers immediate and tangible benefits. Everything is geared around accelerating the investment journey and maximising the property investment potential. Members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, like trips to Australia, regular market updates, priority support from a dedicated team and cash rewards.