Who is Resimax Group?

One of Australia’s most dynamic & diversified property groups, we have something to offer every investor or potential investor, regardless of where you are on your investment journey.

For over 10 years, our seminars, property tours and showcases have become renowned across Southeast Asia. During that time our highly-experienced property experts have successfully helped countless investors on their own property journey.

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Are You Investment Ready?

  • Our Mission Is Simple

    Empower and educate people to take decisive action to secure their financial future. Our seminars and property tours are just the beginning of that journey. We actively mentor and guide our clients through every aspect of property investment. And our reward program enables people to accelerate their investment plans.

Our Advantage

We are your one-stop shop with end-to-end solutions. Starting from property education and seminars to bespoke investment products, finance & property management – Resimax Group Investor offers everything you need on your property investment journey. Plus, our exclusive Triple 5-10-20 Year Guarantee maximises rental return & capital growth.

Our Three-Step Method

  • Education

    The key to successful property investment is knowledge. Our property experts provide our clients with everything they need to know about an investment. Because it's only through knowledge that you confidently take action

  • Take Action

    We equip our investors with all the information, insights and confidence to take immediate action. Because taking action is about capitalising on timing and market conditions. Fortune doesn't only favour the brave, but also the decisive. 

  • Success

    Through education and action, you're well on your way to success. We endeavor to assure you that success with our 6-Point Property Selection System. Tried and tested over many years, our system ensures you minimise risk and maximise capital growth return