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Who is Resimax Group Investor

Resimax Group Investor (RGI) – a business division of Resimax Group is exclusively dedicated to bringing property investment opportunities to overseas investors looking to invest in Australian residential property.

Full-service firm

Resimax Group provide a unique range of integrated capabilities – developer, builder, marketer and property management provider. Together these united businesses provide a compelling end-to-end solution for their property investors.

Why trust Resimax Group

With widespread success within Southeast Asia and India, Resimax Group Investor is a trusted organisation that has enabled countless foreign investors on their property journey in Australia.

  • We are one of Australia‚Äôs largest private property development companies
  • Full-service firm

    Unlike other developers, we are a full-service firm. We develop the land, build the house and manage your investment with 1 point of contact

  • At any given time we control over 30,000 properties with a total worth of $21 billion
  • Our guarantees (more info below) are exclusive, especially our 10-year rental guarantee on your investment property.

    Additionally, we guarantee your purchase price AND your building quality

  • We are backed by some of the largest banks and insurers in the world such as Nomura and Allianz

Only Resimax Group offers investors an exclusive triple guarantee

When you invest with Resimax Group, safeguarding your investment is our Number 1 priority. In practice, this means your purchase is covered by our ultimate 5:10:20 Guarantee protection plan.

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  • 5 year Price Protection

    Guaranteeing the minimum price for your property if you wish to sell.

  • 10 year Rental Guarantee

    Setting the base line for your guaranteed monthly rental cashflow.

  • 20 year Structural Guarantee

    Tripling the compulsory minimum guarantee on the core structure of your investment property to 20 years.

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Our Advantage

Our team of experts make it easy for you to take an informed decision. We bring to you the best deals with maximum yields, at the most optimum price-point in strategically chosen high-growth areas.

Affording amazing opportunities to overseas clients, we offer end-to-end solutions including bespoke investment product, and access to finance & property management experts.


For over 10 years, our property showcase seminars and educational webinars have become renowned globally.

From our monthly educational webinars to regular property newsletters and annual property tours for foreign investors, RGI has paved the way to success for many property investors and potential investors.

We offer support to clients and future investors in a variety of ways. Find out about our up-coming events and register to join in!


Exclusive Rewards Program

Created to help our clients reach their financial goals, the market-leading RGI Rewards Program offers immediate and tangible benefits.

Everything is geared around accelerating the investment journey and maximising the property investment potential.

Members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, like trips to Australia, regular market updates, priority support from a dedicated team and cash rewards.

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Melbourne Property Buyers' Tour (MPBT)

Live real estate event! Learn about some of best properties & areas with the highest growth potential in Melbourne. Join fellow investors on a hosted tour with updates on the Australian economy, property market, plus expert commentary of high growth areas of Melbourne.

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