RGI Rewards Silver Membership 

Limited time one-off offer. Valued at over $1000 for 12 months; FREE for you!

To celebrate our launch in India. We have this very special offer of a FREE 12-month membership to our RGI Rewards Silver Membership- just for RGI Property Seminar attendees in New Delhi.  This includes some incredible benefits such as:

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  • Access Free Educational Webinars & Seminars
  • Access exclusive member benefits & content through the Membership Resource Vault
  • $5000 Cash bonus for a Purchasing referral
  • $5000 Property Credits for a Purchasing referral
  • $100 Credits for every new referral who registers & attends a Resimax Group educational seminar, webinar or property showcase
  • Exclusive access to New Project Property launches/discounts before the market
  • Monthly Property Credit Accumulation with paid membership
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