What is the RGI Rewards Silver Membership 

The RGI Silver membership is a comprehensive educational program for potential property investors.

This paid membership is perfect for those who want to learn and receive first-hand coaching to fast-track their way to becoming successful and profitable property investors.

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Your Benefits

This program is designed to not only enable you to buy your first investment property, but also to help you build a massive property portfolio with five or even 10 properties and generate on-going guaranteed cashflow. Here’s a snapshot of everything you get to facilitate your journey

  • Access free educational webinars & seminars
  • Access to exclusive educational vault
  • Monthly coaching session
  • $5000 cash bonus for purchasing referral
  • 5000 RGI points for purchasing referral
  • Access to exclusive Silver community 
  • Bonus 100 RGI points for new referral
  • First access to new projects and deals 
  • 49 RGI points monthly accumulation
  • Chance to win 50,000 RGI points annually 
  • Free consultation with finance and mortgage experts 
  • Enter into an instant savings plan to pay for your deposit 
  • Membership cost rebated upon property settlement 
  • Pathway to GUARANTEED 10-year cashflow plan 
  • Only 5% deposit on 1st property purchase

All this for

AU$499 upfront + AU$49 per month