RGI Melbourne Property Buyers Tour FAQs

Before the tour

Who is eligible for the free RGI Melbourne Property Buyers Tour?

To become eligible for the free RGI Melbourne Property Buyers Tour, you must register your Expression of Interest (EOI) and pay your refundable bond to Resimax Group (or a marketing partner). You will then be sent a questionnaire which includes some basic information about your income and financial position. Once assessed, we will notify you if you qualify, if you don’t then any bond paid will be refunded within 14 days.

Can I bring a partner?

Yes. The RGI Melbourne Property Buyers Tour is free for eligible participants (and their optional guest) once they have fully paid their bond.

Can I bring my children on the tour?

The Melbourne Property Buyers Tour is for adults only. Your guest must be over 18 years old. Resimax Group does not recommend bringing children, if you wish to bring any children, please contact our Resimax Group Customer service team.

Will Resimax Group be organising my flights, accommodation, and transfers?

Yes, Resimax Group will organise for you (and your optional guest) accommodation, flights, and coach transfers to/from the airport plus coach during the tour.

Will Resimax Group be organising my visa, insurance and medical certificates (if required)?

No, this will be the responsibility of the tour attendee (and their optional guest). Resimax Group strongly encourages you to take out your own travel insurance (plus for your guest). Australia no longer requires COVID vaccination medical certificates. Please check any requirements for the country you are returning to and any countries your flight might be transiting.

Will I need a visa to enter Australia?

Yes, all nationalities (except New Zealanders) must obtain a visa or travel authority before entering Australia, otherwise they will be denied entry. Australia does NOT have a ‘visa on arrival’ program. To find the most appropriate visa option for you, please visit: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-finder

For most attendees of the Melbourne Property Buyers Tour, the free ‘Electronic Travel Authority – subclass 601’ should be sufficient, as it allows you to attend business seminars as well. Past guests have said it has taken them only 10-15 minutes to complete online. Please refer to this link and make sure to double-check whether this is the appropriate option for you: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/electronic-travel-authority-601#Overview

I thought the trip was free. Why do I need to pay a bond upfront?

We require a bond because Resimax Group pays for non-refundable flights, accommodation, catering etc. and we want to prevent a situation where applicants confirm their attendance but then proceed to not show up for the tour or even the flight. Therefore, to protect the interests of both parties, a bond payment is required.

The bond will be returned to the original method of payment within 30 days of the tour completion. To be eligible for the bond return, it is mandatory to attend each tour day and event in full.

What do I need to pay for before the trip?

You will need to arrange your own transfers to/from your home to the airport, travel insurance and any other travel-related costs, as you would with any holiday or trip. Resimax suggests you have at least 6 months validity on your passport.

Do I need to buy a property to get a bond refund?


Can I stay elsewhere?

It is possible, but it will be at your own cost for accommodation & breakfasts. You will NOT be reimbursed for this (i.e., Resimax Group will pay for the room on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at the main hotel whether or not you (and your optional guest stay there)), plus you need to make your way to and from the hotel for the bus departures each day – so it is highly discouraged. If you miss the bus, and hence the day, you will not be eligible for the bond refund.

How & when will I get my refunds? 

The main/primary attendee who paid the bond will be given a form on the last day of the Melbourne Property Buyers’ Tour. They will fill this out with their banking and personal details. Resimax Group (or our partner if they hold the bond) will process this form, and payment will be returned to their original method of payment (e.g. a refund to their credit card) within 30 days. Please note, any further settlement between the main/primary attendee and their guest, is strictly between them, and Resimax Group will not be involved. Also, Resimax Group will not split the payment between the main/primary attendee and their guest.

What do I need to send to Resimax Group (or their marketing partner) to confirm my spot before the trip and by when?

First you will need to register an expression of interest (EOI) for the tour and pay your refundable bond. You will then be sent some online forms to fill out. Once your place on the tour has been confirmed, you must email a copy of your passport and visa to Resimax Group 28 days prior to the tour.

What are the cancellations/re-scheduling policies?

Once your slot is confirmed for a tour date you cannot re-schedule.

As the flight bookings are non-refundable, if you cancel before your tour or don’t show up for the flight, the cost of flights for you (and optional guest) will be deducted from your bond plus an AU$200 admin fee by Resimax Group will be applied. Resimax Group strongly encourages attendees (and optional guests) to take out travel insurance to cover any situations that may prevent you from taking your flight.

What if I want to fly to Melbourne before the tour, and/or stay longer – how do my flights get paid?

There is great fun, networking, and comfort in travelling with a group tour. However, if your flights are different to the main group, you will need to pay for these flights upfront. Once you (and optional guest) have completed the tour by attending all days, the primary person will be given a reimbursement form for themselves (and optional guest) for your flight(s). Receipts from the airline will need to be provided to Resimax, and we will reimburse for either the amount you paid to the airline or to a maximum of AU$1100 for each return flight whichever is the lesser amount. It may take up to 30 days to process your reimbursement.

Should I visit Melbourne’s attractions before or after the trip?

We recommend you enjoy the incredible attractions that Melbourne and its surroundings offer, we suggest you do this after the tour, so you can get acclimatised and speak to others about recommendations of things to see and do (and maybe even see/do those things with fellow tour attendees you meet during the weekend). We have also kept Friday as a Free and Easy day for you, so once you arrive in the city the rest of the day is up to you.

If I can’t attend, will the tour events be recorded, or can I attend virtually?

No, this is only a live event – it is a great opportunity to experience Melbourne, our developments, and fun times.

What if I get sick before the trip?

Please make sure you have travel insurance that covers this, as Resimax Group will deduct flight & admin costs from your bond if you get sick before the trip and can’t attend each of the sessions.

What if I want to stay longer?

This is highly recommended. However, any longer stays are at your own expense. Resimax Group will organise a discount code with the hotel if you wish to book additional days.

Do I need to bring cash?

Visa and Mastercard (and to a lesser extent AMEX) are universally accepted almost everywhere in Australia reducing the need for cash. However, your bank will probably charge you FX fee and FX conversion fees on your credit cards. There are money exchangers in the airport and CBD, but their exchange rate may not be as favourable as using an ATM (which are abundant in the CBD and at the airport). We suggest having a small amount of cash with you, especially if you stay longer.

During the Tour

Will Resimax Group be picking me up from Melbourne International Airport?


What is the schedule for the trip?

Resimax Group will provide more details about the trip via email. In overview:-

  • Friday: Pickup from the Airport by bus to the city hotel. Then Free and Easy for the rest of the day for you to enjoy Melbourne at your own pace. Please note, on Friday food and drinks are at your own expense.
  • Saturday: Breakfast (at the hotel), Education at Tick office, tour to Northern growth area, lunch and dinner (with Resimax Group)
  • Sunday: Breakfast (at the hotel), Education and tour of Eynesbury in Western growth area, lunch and dinner (with Resimax Group)
  • Monday: Breakfast (at the hotel)

Please keep in mind, that you can extend your trip if you wish to do so. However, you will need to pay for the extra nights at the hotel (we can arrange a discount for you if you stay at the same hotel that we are booking you into). Resimax Group will only pay for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night accommodation plus breakfast the following mornings for you (and optional guest).

Which hotel are you booking for us?

Resimax Group will book the Novotel Ibis Melbourne Central

If I wish to extend my stay / arrive early at the hotel, how do I do it? Is there a discount code? 

Yes, Resimax Group will organise a corporate/discount code if you wish to book additional nights at the hotel if you are extending your stay. However, it is still advisable to check if any other hotel booking portals have specials that may be cheaper than the corporate rate.

I am coming to Melbourne with my children, and we are extending our trip / coming earlier. How do I book a room for them at the hotel?

Please see the above point on booking additional nights and linking them to your existing allocation. Remember to select the TOTAL dates of their stay (not just the additional dates that you have booked for yourself (if applicable)). Please note the hotel has very limited numbers of twin rooms – so booking early is highly recommended. You may send in any additional requests to the hotel directly.

Can I bring my own food?

Australian quarantine is very strict with penalties such as large fines in case any breach occurs. We strongly suggest you not bring any food or drink into Australia. There are convenience stores and supermarkets within walking distance of the hotel in case you wish to buy anything.

What about mini-bar and room service?

Resimax Group will cover the room and breakfast for 3 days up to 2 guests per room. Anything outside this, such as mini-bar or room service cost is at your expense. The hotel will ask you for a security deposit/pre-authorisation (or a refundable deposit if you don’t have a credit card) to cover any additional charges like mini-bar, room service, etc.

What will the weather be like when I am in Melbourne?

Melbourne is renowned for having ‘4 seasons in a day’ so dressing in layers is essential. In the colder months, those coming from warmer climates really need to ‘rug up’. It is very important to have a hooded shower proof jacket. Further information about the weather can be found at www.bom.gov.au.

What clothes/shoes should I bring?

Wear layers, plus waterproof hooded jacket for rain showers is essential. Comfortable, closed shoes are required as we will be doing some walking.

Will I need to share a room with someone?

Only if you bring a guest, then you will be sharing a room with them (you can specify if you want a double bed or 2 single beds).

Will there be a toilet on board the bus?

Yes for the long days (eg Saturday & Sunday), this may not be the case for the transfers between the city and airport.

Will I have time to experience Melbourne?

We will be giving you a Free and Easy day for Friday to allow you time explore Melbourne (at your own expense), there may also be some limited time for exploration on the Monday morning before you fly out. Plus, we encourage you to stay a few days longer and experience the diverse joys of Melbourne.

What if I get sick during the trip?

If you get sick during the trip, we will still refund your bond, provided it is a genuine case.

Do I get a bond refund if I don’t attend all days? What about my guest?

The bond gets refunded to you (and for your guest if applicable) only if you (and guest if applicable) attend all days of the tour events.

On the Monday morning how do I get to the airport (transfer)?

Resimax will provide a bus to take all guests to the Melbourne airport at Tullamrine.

How do I find out what attractions are open to visit in Melbourne?

We suggest you search for these online before you arrive in Australia to make the best use of your Free and Easy Friday.

After the Tour

How do I get back to the airport (i.e., transfer)?

On Monday morning we will provide a bus to take all guests to Melbourne airport at Tullamarine. Your flight home may be direct or involve connections (eg transiting Singapore then a short flight to Kuala Lumpur).  If you are staying longer in Melbourne, then transferring to the airport will be at your own cost. Departing from the city, we suggest using the Skybus that departs from Southern Cross station (to Tullamarine airport). If there is more than one person, it may be more cost-effective and convenient to share a taxi or rideshare (NB: For rideshare we suggest Uber, Ola or DiDi (as Grab is not available in Australia)).