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One of Australia’s most dynamic & diversified property groups, we have something to offer every investor or potential investor, regardless of where you are on your investment journey.

For over 10 years, our seminars, property tours and showcases have become renowned across Southeast Asia. We have brought over 1000 Singaporeans and Malaysians on free property tours to Melbourne. During that time our highly-experienced property experts have successfully helped countless investors on their own property journey.

Our solutions have changed people’s lives and created a nest egg for many. Join us for our scheduled webinars or if you can’t wait, speak to our consultant right away.

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An Australian success story

Resimax Group Investor is a part of the broader Resimax Group Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest and most innovative private real estate development companies.

Resimax Group is based in Melbourne, Australia’s fastest growing city. At any one time, Resimax Group controls over 1,000 properties across Melbourne, with an end-developed value exceeding AUD $2 billion. Resimax Group is a broad-based group of companies with brands that are active in house design and construction, estate development, finance and lifestyle.

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